Wikipedia describes Myrmidons as brave and skilled warriors commanded by Achilles in Homer's Iliad. Their ancestor was Myrmidon, a king of Phthia and the son of Zeus and Eurymedousa, a princess of Phthia. While that description is cool enough, I adopted "Myrmidon" from the name of the sword-wielding class in the turn-based strategy video game Fire Emblem. The Myrmidon had lesser defense but had a higher accuracy and percentage of dealing critical attacks. Their superior speed and skill over other classes made them very formidable characters. I chose the motif "Myrmidon16" as a recognizable personal brand that will hopefully one day coincide with unique, engaging, and high quality creative work.

A graduate from The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) with a Bachelor's Degree in Interactive Multimedia, Nicholas Moore has had a creative passion for video games far beyond just the love of playing them ever since his parents got him a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. Video game design may be Nicholas' passion, but the pursuit of his degree at TCNJ evoked a deeper love for all aspects of creative design and storytelling. An artist at heart, the Interactive Multimedia major allowed that love to be reimagined through interactive and digital design. That artistic drive and his inherent creative skills are the lifeblood of his work in design and development.

Any professional and academic information about Nicholas Moore can be found in his resume and curriculum vitae.

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